Downtown Presbyterian
Our Roots and Our Wings

We have a long tradition of advocating for justice and resisting oppression and discrimination in all of their forms:

  • As abolitionists and providers of sanctuary to fugitive slaves.
  • As providers of hospitality and sanctuary to Central American refugees.
  • As peace seekers in times of woeful struggle.
  • As caregivers and educators of our city's children.
  • As partners in ministry who embrace diversity in all forms, e.g., sexual orientation, gender identity, race, and ethnicity.

As a community of faith, the Downtown Presbyterian Church is called to respond to God's grace in Jesus Christ by:

  • Nurturing faith in Jesus Christ
  • Embodying Christ in the world
  • Standing boldly for justice as a discipleship of equals

We gather from north and south, from east and west, coming together in the center of Rochester as we seek to serve God. Our spiritual home as a gathered people is in the heart of the city of Rochester. As a united church of three former neighboring Presbyterian congregations, we are a “living tree” with deep roots in the soil of this city. Both our history and our future call us to remain rooted in this place.

We welcome and extend hospitality to all who join us as we work toward transforming our city, our denomination and our world into living embodiments of God's love, justice, and peace.

Downtown United Presbyterian Church
121 N Fitzhugh Street  •   Rochester, NY 14614
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