Downtown Presbyterian
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We gather for soul stirring, thought-provoking worship
  • We delight our children and youth with creative learning and worship activities
  • We see spiritual life as an exciting, courageous, open-ended adventure
A dialogue about ethical questions is ongoing in our congregation and wider communities ... as people with many points of view, we listen to one another with respect and join in learning new ways to express our faith, hope, and love for the world. Together we ...
  • Work to protect our city's children from poverty, violence, and lead-poisoning
  • Help bring well water to remote African villages through Water for Sudan
  • Celebrate human diversity in race, ethnicity, ability, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity; partnering in ministry with That All May Freely Serve
  • Practice our faith in ways that honor peace, equality, and well being for the earth and all its peoples
As spiritual seekers, we want to be a community where people are free to become their truest selves. We welcome the presence, voices, questions, stories, and wisdom of everyone.
Downtown Presbyterian Church Downtown Presbyterian Church Downtown Presbyterian Church Downtown Presbyterian Church Downtown Presbyterian Church Downtown Presbyterian Church
November Sunday Forums:
Issues in Education
November 23, 9:50 am
Alice Rothchild, Filmmaker. Voices Across the Divide
Thanksgiving & Advent Worship:
November 23 - Thanksgiving
November 30 - First Sunday in Advent
December 7 - Second Sunday in Advent
December 14 - Third Sunday in Advent
December 21 - Fourth Sunday in Advent
Spirit-filled Installation Service
Friday, October 24, 2014
Downtown United Presbyterian Church
121 N Fitzhugh Street     Rochester, NY 14614
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Select photos by Don Menges